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4 Facts about Slums in Jakarta

The slums are still an area of high population density in a town generally populated by the men and women. Slum areas are a part of urban development. This can be signaled by demographics social conditions in slum areas including high population density, unfit and inadequate environmental conditions and lack of educational facilities, health and infrastructure. These are facts about slums in Jakarta which you ought to know.

There are at least 220 slum areas in Jakarta
RW is the short of “Rukun Warga” that is used for the name of a complicated of region in Jakarta. It’s recorded that there are at least 220 RWs that categorized as slums area. In order to register a slum house, the Jakarta BPS measures a number of things. Among them are indications of vulnerability to fire and floods, drainage conditions, population density, trash hauling, and also the number of puddles. The results of this study also assessed that the area of North Jakarta, is the most slums. In the place recorded as much as 96 RW slums.

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The slums in Jakarta exemplifies the intense poverty
In Jakarta there are far more than 220 slum dwellings that are poor and crowded. If you wish to see intense poverty, then don’t need to come to Jakarta. Attempting to see the intense wealth can be in Jakarta, this is where the extremes are there. Poverty in Jakarta differs from that in other portions of Indonesia. In reality, when compared in the distant area, poverty in Jakarta is somewhat intense. In remote areas, poor people may enjoy the natural sources, can stay in the home with a lawn that is big, then it doesn’t occur in Jakarta.

Slums in Jakarta often causes conflict
The number of densely populated slums in Jakarta is seen as a cause for conflict between residents living inside. Consequently, the more densely populated the greater the diversity of behaviour, civilization, religion, and tribal inhabitants. The more densely populated areas are caused many varied. A lot of people often have the various opinions about something that can cause their conflict. In addition to low education and lack of consciousness, the neighborhood can’t arrange settlements become far healthy.

Eviction of slums is done by the Jakarta government
The government has implemented programs to suppress the slums. The authorities relocates and forced evictions to slum inhabitants. Nevertheless, they always return to their old homes for various reasons. This is what induces the authorities to date hasn’t succeeded in providing solutions to solve the issue of slums in Jakarta.